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lørdag 20. februar 2010

Food is Everything

Food, is both the building material and fuel of living bodies. Picture a car. If built from impure irons, it will rust fast. Fuel that is unclean or wrong octane, will quickly wreck the engine.

Research suggests food is almost entirely responsible for how soon a body ages and dies.
- Carbohydrate abundance leads to glycation (carbohydrate crystals 'sedimenting' that makes tissue brittle).
- Calorie abundance makes the body prioritize growth and reproduction at the cost of general health & maintainance.
- Low vitamin & mineral content, compared to calorie content, leads to faster oxidizing ('corroding') of the body.

If you want to live long, you basically have to:
a) transition to a low carb, high fat diet.
b) increase consumption of mineral/vitamin dense foods.
Total calorie intake tends to go down naturally when adopting a and b.

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About skin

How aged a person looks, depends mostly on diet. External skin treatments do very little to prevent or hide the aging effects in skin and supportive tissue from a pro-aging diet.

Only true exception is sunlight, which really should be seen as part of nutrition, since it is the main source of vitamin D, a nutrient that is hard to obtain sufficiently through food alone.

Rumor has it that oily skin gets less lines and wrinkles compared to drier skin types. I have not looked for science on this yet, but logic suggests there is some truth in this. Think of a pair of leather shoes that never sees shoe shine (grease). They wear down and start cracking much faster than shoes that are shined weekly.

Research has shown a link between lack of vitamin C in the tissue directly under the skin, and a deflation of the same tissue. Experiments of applying vitamin C as skin cream, has resulted in some inflation of skin itself. I have tested this personally and the change is small yet visible, where skin between pores seem to 'puff up' slightly.

So although I dont believe skin care to be the key, I do a few things:
-No soap or other man-made chemicals on skin.
-Olive oil or similar when skin is wet from shower.
-Vitamin C rub once a week, followed by oil.
-European strength* tanning bed ca 20min pr week.

It seems that the oil on moist skin really promotes a more youthful look temporarily. I base this on my own observation and spontaneous feedback from others. Also, a long winter with no sun seems to render skin less firm. 2-3 short tannings seem to remedy this, while increasing energy and feeling of inner well being at the same time.

*: Most skin cancer that has been tied to tanning bed use, has come from US, where they allow much stronger light tubes than in Europe. Bottom line, the human body is designed for sunlight and will age much faster if it doesnt get it. But overdoing it will cause skin damage with possible increase of wrinkles. So always control/limit the exposure and try not to get too much of it in one place. It might be an idea to cover face and neck while in tanning bed since those areas get exposure naturally.

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